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Suspension of Lift Services in PolyU Hung Hom Bay (HHB) Campus

02 Jan - 23 Feb 2020

Suspension of Lift Services in PolyU Hung Hom Bay (HHB) Campus


For enhanced safety, an unintended car movement protection device (UCMP) will be installed at each lift at HHB Campus.  Usually, service of each lift will be suspended for about 6 to 8 weeks to complete the installation and obtain the approval from HKSAR Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) before its service can be resumed. 


We wish to draw your attention to the following installation work of UCMP which has been scheduled to take place in PolyU Hung Hom Bay (HHB) Campus.



Description of Works

Affected Period

Affected Area


Hung Hom Bay Campus

To carry out the installation of

Unintended Car Movement Protection Devices (UCMP) of lifts

2 January 2020





23 February 2020



Service of Lifts No. L4 (serving the low zone from UG/F to 10/F) and No. L8 (serving the high zone from UG/F to 17/F) will be suspended during the course of work.


Hereunder some extra information which we also wish to bring to your attention:


  • There are a total of 10 numbers of lifts i.e. L1 to L10 in HHB Campus, with L1 to L4 and L5 to L8 lifts serving the Low and High Zone areas respectively.  L9 is the cargo lift which serves all floors and L10 is the lift which travels between LG/F to 3/F in HHB Campus
  • The response system of the lifts operates on a set-basis in the Low and High Zones, and it needs to be isolated until completion of the installation work at all 4 lifts in the respective Zones, thereby increasing passengers’ waiting and travel time
  • Work programme of the 10 numbers of lifts:

to carry out the installation at a 1-1-2 mechanism (i.e. to start with one lift, then another one lift, finally two lifts together) in each of the Low and High Zones


For enquiries, please contact CFM Helpdesk at 3746 0666 (HHB Campus).


We would be grateful if you could also bring the above to the attention of your staff, students or visitors who may be affected.


Any inconvenience thus caused is much regretted.



Campus Facilities Management Office